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(edit) @42   4 years gz Fix for lispworks - weak arrays must be adjustable
(edit) @41   4 years gz Mainly, fix with-dc-hash-key to pass right length string
(edit) @40   4 years gz Fix %%load/%%store-low-24-bits to be compatible with lispworks version
(edit) @39   4 years gz use cl:base-char type where appropriate, as this does the right thing …
(edit) @38   4 years gz Match copyrights of anvita version
(edit) @37   4 years gz Restore changeset:8
(edit) @36   4 years gz Update to current eRef version
(edit) @35   5 years wws Small change to README
(edit) @34   5 years wws Add README. Fix working directory dependence of load-wood.lisp
(edit) @33   5 years wws Move trunk to branches/mcl. Move branches/portable to trunk.
(edit) @32   5 years wws with-databases-locked -> with-disk-cache-locked, with-pheap-locked …
(edit) @31   5 years wws Switch p-store-struct to closer-mop
(edit) @30   5 years wws Persistent CLOS instances work.
(edit) @29   5 years wws Handle depth in p-load-struct
(edit) @28   5 years wws Initial store & load of structs. Need to honor depth on load.
(edit) @27   5 years wws Fix non-explicitly-displaced arrays. Finish displaced-arrays test.
(edit) @26   5 years wws Make displaced arrays work.
(edit) @25   5 years wws def-wood-test generalized-type-vectors
(edit) @24   5 years wws simple-vector and typed-vectors tests
(edit) @23   5 years wws Fix short-floats. NUMBERS test works.
(edit) @22   5 years wws Fix load/store of bignum, floats, complex, ratio.
(edit) @21   5 years wws Create test framework. Start writing tests.
(edit) @20   5 years wws Btrees appear to work. Reimplemented ccl::%copy-ivector-to-ivector to …
(edit) @19   5 years wws Simple btree store and lookup works.
(edit) @18   5 years wws CCL no longer has 8-bit strings.
(edit) @17   5 years wws Can you say little-endian? Thought you could. Don't use 16-bit access …
(edit) @16   5 years wws Forgot to save buffer for persistent-heap.lisp
(edit) @15   5 years wws Compiles without warning. First try at vector subtype mapping.
(edit) @14   5 years wws Eliminate warnings in persistent-clos.lisp.
(edit) @13   5 years wws Eliminate compilation warnings other than undefined functions.
(edit) @12   5 years wws Checkpoint. It builds in x8664 CCL, with lots of warnings. Not close …
(edit) @11   5 years wws Move lw-branch into branches/lispwords. Copy that to new …
(edit) @10   5 years rme remove test file
(edit) @9   5 years rme testing commit permissions
(edit) @8   13 years gz compiler:with-optimization-level is Lispworks-only
(edit) @7   13 years gz Credit for Anvita
(edit) @6   13 years gz Working lispworks version, but now doesn't load in MCL (yet).
(edit) @5   13 years gz LispWorks? port
(edit) @4   13 years gz Version 0.961
(edit) @3   13 years gz Recovered version 0.961 from Sheldon Ball <s.ball@…>
(edit) @2   13 years gz Recovered version 0.961 from Sheldon Ball <s.ball@…>
(add) @1   13 years gz Create
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