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1This file contains release notes for version 0.91 of Wood.
3New features since 0.9
5None. This release fixes a bug that made it not work to use a value of T for
6the descend arg to p-store.
8Mod Histories
12;; 03/20/95 bill  %p-store checks for (eq descend :store-slots-again) before calling require-type.
13;;                  This is an optimization, not a bug fix.
14;;                %fill-load-function-object takes a new descend arg.
15;;                %p-store-internal & %p-store-lfun-vector call %fill-load-function-object with the new arg.
16;;                %p-store-internal lets %p-store-object-body do all the work with p-store-hash
17;;                  and with the :store-slots-again descend value.
18;;                %p-store-internal doesn't make its first call to %p-store-object-body if
19;;                  in forced descend mode and there is no load function.
20;;                %p-store-object-body now handles the :store-slots-again descend value.
21;;                  It is also more efficient w.r.t. lookups in the p-store-hash table.
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