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     215== Building the lisp kernel on Windows ==
     217The Windows kernel Makefiles (in ccl/lisp-kernel/win32 and ccl/lisp-kernel/win64)
     218assume that the Cygwin tools ( are installed.  (It's likely
     219that small changes to the Makefiles would allow the use of the MinGW (
     220tools instead.)
     222A full discussion of Cygwin installation and configuration issues is ***way*** beyond
     223the scope of this document.  Fortunately, the net is full of helpful and accurate
     224documents that discuss these issues in great detail.  For the sake of argument, let's
     225assume that Cygwin is installed in C:\cygwin (which is the default) and that it's
     226configured to use Unix-style line-termination.
     228For both the win32 and win64 platforms, it's necessary to install the following Cygwin
     229packages (if you notice any dependencies not listed here, please edit this page or let
     230me (gb) know.)
     232  * make      (Unix "make" program)
     233  * m4        (m4 macro processor)
     235You'll probably find life easier if you also install standard utilities ('coreutils',
     236'fileutils', 'tar', ...) but these things aren't used by the build process.
     238To build the win32 kernel, you'd additionally need:
     240  * gcc-core  (32-bit C compiler)
     241  * gcc-mingw (mingw integration)
     242  * gcc-mingw-core
     243  * mingw-runtime (static C runtime library)
     244  * w32-api   (win32 headers)
     245  * binutils  (assembler/linker/object file utilities.)
     24764-bit toolchains for the Cygwin/MinGW environments are available from the Mingw-w64
     248project (  In the "Downloads" section of
     249that site, find a "complete toolchain snapshot" for Cygwin and download the compressed
     250tar archive (it's largish - probably > 70MB).  In a Cygwin shell, extract the the
     251tar archive into /usr :
     254shell> tar xvf mingw-w64-bin-i686-cygwin-VERSION-YYYYMMDD.tar.bz2 -C /usr
     257This archive contains everything that you need (64-bit toolchain, libraries, headers)
     258to build the lisp kernel for win64.  (You still need the 'make' and 'm4' packages.)
     260=== Actually building a Windows kernel ===
     262Ensure that no copies of the lisp are running.  (Windows doesn't like to overwrite
     263an executable file while it's in use.)
     265From a Cygwin shell, cd to .../ccl/lisp-kernel/win32 (or win64) and do:
     268shell> make
     271If all of the tools/headers/libraries are installed, that should create a working
     272kernel executable in the ccl directory.  There are still (as of November 2008) some
     273warnings in the win32 build that are intended to serve as reminders that some cases
     274of thread interrupt/suspend/resume still aren't handled correctly; the win64 kernel
     275should generally build without warnings.