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The bundled ASDF is now version 2.010.

There is a new port to the ARM architecture. It is of beta quality; there is a known stability bug or two that crops up sometimes when building the lisp.

The defstruct macro does more careful type checking.

There is a new pre-GC notification mechanism. It only works on x86.

Windows stability improvements and bug fixes.

New function ccl:object-direct-size.

The way floating-point exceptions are detected in foreign code has changed. (r13952)

Code-coverage improvements.

New facility wait-for-signal.

On Darwin, ccl:open-shared-library now loads shared libraries in the initial thread by default. See r14155.



The IDE will not load any init files when the shift key is held down upon application launch.

Stop using a Linux-specific mmap option (MAP_GROWSDOWN) that didn't do what we thought it did, and that exposes what seems to be a kernel bug on some recent Ubuntu-distributed kernels.

New exported functions ccl:add-feature and ccl:remove-feature, which try to operate on *features* in a thread-safe way.

New exported function ccl:delete-directory.

cl:load uses a primitive built-in http client so that it can load files from a url, e.g., (load "")

Many other bug fixes.