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Release Notes for Clozure CL 1.4

Reporting Bugs

Please use the Trac instance at to review existing bug reports and to submit new ones.

Known Problems

The 32-bit Windows lisp still doesn't run on 64-bit Windows.

Notable Changes

The fasl file and image file versions have changed.

Code coverage (r12300)

Export and document an interface to populations. (r12094)

Change in :sharing :private semantics (r12240).

Some user-contributed software may be found in ccl:contrib;. Clozure doesn't maintain these contributions.

The #$ reader macro will now try to look up foreign variables if it can't find a constant definition. This makes it OK to say, e.g., #$NSFontAttributeName (whereas before it was necessary to remember that it was #&NSFontAttributeName).


It appears that Apple isn't going to provide a way to set the gsbase MSR on x86-64, so we have given up and now dedicate a general-purpose register for thread-local storage on Darwin/x8664. This reduces foreign-function call overhead substantially.

The Objective-C bridge works on PPC64 now.

Sped up bignum multiplication on 64-bit platforms by multiplying 64-bits at a time (instead of 32).

REBUILD-CCL takes an :update keyword argument; when T, it will run svn and try to deal correctly with any conflicts.

On x86 platforms, there is a new debugging feature that allows lisp objects to be monitored for writes. See WatchedObjects for documentation.

Updated bundled ASDF.

Cocoa IDE

The Cocoa IDE has been significantly improved since the 1.3 release.

The IDE will load home:ccl-ide-init just before the event loop starts. See r11998.