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Apple's OS X runs (2007) on two ARM-based devices: the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Both have 128MB RAM and something like a 600Mhz ARM processor. The operating system is a flavor of OS X with a Cocoa-derived user interface toolkit.

Apple has announced that it will provide a software development kit for these computers in early 2008.

Clozure CL could be ported to such a computer:

  • its memory footprint is quite low
  • it has an objective-c bridge that could be adapted
  • it could host a cross compiler on a Macintosh and use a runtime on the OS X machine.
  • the device has IP connectivity, so the development environment and the runtime could be connected over IP

Currently Apple does not seem to the Interface Builder to specify the user interface of these devices. The user interfaces is generated by the code.