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    7474doing so is not particularly attractive.
     76== FreeBSD (i386,amd64) ==
     78The distributed versions of Clozure CL are built on a FreeBSD 6.4 system; they should run unmodified on any 6.x system.
     79(In general, the 64-bit version requires a 64-bit ("amd64") FreeBSD release; the 32-bit version of CCL should run on a 32-bit FreeBSD release or on a 64-bit release if the "lib32" 32-bit libraries are installed.)
     81FreeBSD changes library versions on major releases and executable files refer to the libraries that they depend on via versioned names, so the distributed CCL kernel (built on a 6.x system) won't run on a 7.x FreeBSD system (because the 6.x versions of the libraries it depends on aren't installed.)  There are two ways to work around this:
     831.  Install the "compat6x" package, which provides the 6.x libraries on a 7.x system.  This can be done via the FreeBSD ports system:
     85$ cd /usr/ports/misc/compat6x
     86$ sudo make install
     892.  Build the kernel yourself on the 7.x system
     91$ cd ccl/lisp-kernel/freebsdx8632  # or freebsdx8664
     92$ make
     95FreeBSD doesn't provide the same level of support for multi-arch development (e.g., compiling 32-bit C code on 64-bit systems and vice versa) that Darwin, most Linux distributions, and Solaris offer; it's not generally possible to compile a 32-bit FreeBSD kernel on a 64-bit FreeBSD system.  And vice versa.
     97It should be possible to '''run''' a 32-bit FreeBSD CCL on a 64-bit FreeBSD system and it generally is.  Unfortunately, CCL triggers a bug that was introduced in the 7.1 release version of the 64-bit FreeBSD kernel (7.0 and 6.x are not affected.)  See
     98if you're interested in the gory details; the source patch in the responses to the bug report seems to work, so recompiling the 64-bit FreeBSD 7.1 kernel should enable 32-bit CCL to run on 64-bit FreeBSD 7.1.