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Software Successfully Built Using OpenMCL

This is a short list of software known to build successfully with OpenMCL. Also take a look at the wonderful ASDF Systems Summary for additional information on ASDF-installable packages:


  • ACL2 - Automated Theorem Prover
  • Albert - Documentation Generator (like Doxygen)
  • Araneida - The Common Lisp Webserver
  • Common Music - Music composition environment.
  • GBBopen - Blackboard/community collaboration software.
  • GSharp - GSharp is a graphical music notation editor. Requires X11 to be running (to support CLX). A CLOS error will be generated, but if you type :GO it will run properly.
    Cannot set (FIND-CLASS 'NUMBER) because type NUMBER is already defined
    by DEFTYPE while loading the FLEXICHAINS package


The following libraries are known to build: