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    105105    * [SuccessfulLisp Successful Lisp Translations]
     107= This site =
     108This site allows any registered user to add and modify wiki pages and "tickets" (bug reports.)  Registration has
     109traditionally been a simple matter of clicking on a link (in the upper right of each page), filling out a web form
     110to give yourself a user name and password, and clicking the OK button; that simple manual step has usually been enough
     111to deter spammers.
     113Unfortunately, that simple step no longer seems to be adequate, and (presumably via some automated process) spammers
     114have been able to register for accounts here and use those accounts to ... do what they do.  Until we can find a better
     115way to ensure that real human beings are registering for accounts on this site (and neither spammers nor their automated
     116tools would fit that description), we've disabled the "Register" link and functionality.  (This shouldn't affect the ability
     117of anyone who's already registered to log in here, but it does make it a little harder for new users to register.)
     119If you don't have an account on this Trac site and would like one, please send a message to "trac-register" AT "";
     120please include your name and a preferred user name.  We'll create an account for you and send you back the login details; you
     121should be able to log in here using that information and change your password/otherwise manage your account.)
     123Hopefully, we'll find a better solution (captchas, email confirmation) to this problem soon.