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Naming History

In 1984, Coral Sofware began development of a Common Lisp for the Macintosh, called Coral Common Lisp (CCL). Three years later, CCL 1.0 was released.

It was renamed to Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (MACL) later in 1987 when it was jointly marketed with Franz Inc.

Apple Computer took over in 1988 and called it Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL). Digitool took over MCL in 1994.

Gary Byers forked the code in 1998 when he ported it to Linux while working for JPL. This fork was called OpenMCL when Digitool open sourced it in 2001.

Digitool announced in 2007 that MCL will be open sourced. Partly to avoid confusion with open-sourced MCL, Clozure renamed OpenMCL to Clozure CL.