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     126'''idom-heap-utilization''' `&key unit (sort :size) (threshold 0.01) (area :tenured)`
     128This function analyzes the core file heap based on dominance.  It takes a while
     129to compute, but often gives more meaningful results than the regular heap
     130utilization report, especially when looking at memory leaks.
     132An object A is said to ''dominate'' another object B if all paths from gc roots
     133to B go through A.  A is said to ''immediately dominate'' B if A dominates B and
     134every other object that dominates B also dominates A.
     136Since an object can only have one immediate dominator, all objects that are not
     137dominators themselves can be partitioned into disjoint sets, each consisting of
     138all objects with the same immediate dominator.
     140If B is in the partition owned by A, i.e. B is not a dominator of anything and
     141is immediately dominated by A, then for all intents and purposes, B is just a
     142part of A: B will be garbage collected whenever A is garbage collected, and there
     143are no pointers directly to B from outside the partition.  Nothing about the behavior
     144of the heap would change if B was permanently appended to A instead of being a
     145separate object.
     147`idom-heap-utilization` attributes the total size of all the partition members
     148to the immediate dominator.  I.e. it computes what `core-heap-utilization` would report
     149if the heap was flattened by attaching all objects to their immediate dominators,
     150and ignoring all types except the type of the immediate dominator.  This
     151tends to emphasize the types of objects that are really responsible for the memory usage.
    126155'''core-print-call-history''' `&key (stream t) origin detailed-p`