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Installing Emacs via MacPorts?

See InstallingOpenmclViaMacPorts to get the general idea for how to leverage the available packages from Darwin Ports.

MacPorts provides several variations on Emacs/XEmacs:

  • XEmacs -- Found in the editors section.
  • GNU Emacs -- Found in the editors section.
  • emacs-devel -- The emacs package, using the experimental Cocoa interface. Found in the editors section.
  • emacs-app -- The emacs package, using a full-featured aqua integration. Found in the aqua section.

At one point, the XEmacs port wouldn't work until you had installed a number of other packages; the least obvious of which was openmotif which fufilled it's desire for libXm.

Note that you can also use the excellent AquaEmacs (Cocoa-based Emacs) software.

Also note that you can get Slime this way.