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Installing CLX via ASDF

CLX seems to work when installed via ASDF as of 2006-10-16, but not a lot of software has been tested with it. This version requires that you be running X11 (i.e., it is not a magical CLX->Cocoa bridge), but it will allow programs like GSharp to run. This may not work completelyFootNote(Sadly loading the {{{demos:clx-demos.lisp}}} and then invoking {{{(demos::do-all-demos)}}} generates an error: {{{Unbound variable: ARCH::MISC-DATA-OFFSET [Condition of type UNBOUND-VARIABLE].}}})?.

Once you have ASDF working (see the OpenMCL Hints?) then you can do:

      (asdf-install:install 'clx) 

If this doesn't work, you could still try (asdf-install:install ""), but this should no longer be necessary.

Since there is no signature file on that you will need to approve installing it without the signature check.

Once installed, you can get a glorious taste of the early 90's with some cool X11 demo applicationsFootNote(See also the Fink [ openmcl-clx] port info; and it's dependency [ openmcl] for other ideas - I've not tried those.)?:

         ? (require 'clx)
         ? (load "menu")
         ? (xlib::just-say-lisp)

Unfortunately, I got socket errors on most of the other examples. Most likely this is not a CLX problem, but rather a user issue.