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subview (view) [class]

Class of views that appear inside other views. Additional initargs:

:view-container -- initializes the view container, see set-view-container

:view-position -- initializes the view position, see set-view-position

(set-view-container subview new-container-view) [method]

Remove view subview from its current container and add it to new-container-view. The new container can also be nil, to just remove a view from its container view.

(view-container subview) [method]

Returns the view containing subview, or nil if none.

(view-window subview) [method]

Returns the window containing subview, or nil if view is not contained in any window.

(set-view-position subview new-position) [method]

Sets the position of a subview in its container to new-position, which must be a point in the container's coordinate system.

(view-position subview) [method]

Returns the position of view in its container, as a point.