The editor will continue to be based on Hemlock.

Compatibility with old Hemlock is not a goal. I think we want to move the code away from the current global-state API to a more functional one.

We need to design and implement way to add attributes (font, size, color, user-defined, etc.) to text stored in a Hemlock buffer.

We want to address locking so that it's fairly easy to read and update buffers from multiple threads in a safe way. Making an idiot-proof API is probably impossible, but we can definitely provide some tools to make life easier.

Hemlock has a notion that it needs to keep track of every buffer. We may want to relax this so that buffers can be created and used as an ordinary data structure.

An open question is what to do about Fred compatibility. The options are:

  • do nothing
  • write a Fred to Hemlock porting guide
  • provide a Fred compatibility library of some sort

CocoaIde/KeyBindingsComparison compares the key bindings of the editors of MCL 5.2, the CCL IDE as of r11559-trunk, and LispWorks 5.1.

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