Installing a build slave is easy on Debian-like systems: apt-get install buildbot pretty much does the trick. Edit /etc/default/buildbot appropriately to get it to start up at boot-time.


On FreeBSD, it's not too bad, either: pkg_add -r buildbot will install the software, but you still must create the buildbot user. I just add

su buildbot -c "/usr/local/bin/buildbot start /usr/local/buildbot/ccl"

to /etc/rc.local to arrange for start-up. So I'm a fossil. Sue me.


Create a zone in the usual way. Then, do the following in the zone:

# pkgin install py27-buildbot-slave subversion-base gcc47 gmake m4

# useradd -u 5000 -g 5000 -c "Buildbot" -s /usr/bin/false -d /home/buildbot buildbot
# mkdir /home/buildbot
# chown buildbot:buildbot /home/buildbot

To make it run at startup, you can follow the directions at (See attachment for a local copy.)

To import the manifest file (after editing it to suit):

# svccfg validate buildbot.xml 
# svccfg import buildbot.xml 

Then, to enable it:

# svcadm enable svc:/site/application/buildbot:default

Mac OS X

Just cheat:

# easy_install buildbot-slave

Create a buildbot user, and create the slave (as the buildbot user) in the usual way:

% buildslave create-slave ccl slave-name slave-password

See for information on how to make launchd start the slave at boot time.


Follow the instructions on You do have to install buildbot in addition to buildbot-slave.

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