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Application Delivery

How do you go about delivering an OpenMCL application?

Lisp Frameworks

Take a look at Clotho (this is for making specifically Carbon/Cocoa? OpenMCL apps though)

If you've done so, what would have made it easier ?

Manual Construction

The one example of creating a Lisp 'Application' that comes with OpenMCL is in "ccl:examples;cocoa-application.lisp", which creates a double-clickable GUI application.

To back up a bit: in practice people often make "applications" by simply passing a few --load and/or --eval arguments on the command line. It's also possible to load application-specific code into a running lisp and then save a memory image via the function CCL:SAVE-APPLICATION (possibly specifying that that application do something other than start a REPL when it's invoked.) In a lot of cases, which general approach is better may depend on how long-lived the application is (it might be harder to debug something built with SAVE-APPLICATION.)

Some people use make to build lisp applications; it's sometimes preferable to use lisp-specific system construction tools (such as DEFSYSTEM and ASDF). A lot of modern freely-available lisp packages (things that one might find on or via are intended to be built with ASDF; they're typically distributed with .asd files which serve a similar role to Makefiles in C packages.