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Set Up the Menus

InterfaceBuilder creates the standard menus for a new application, but it doesn't know the name of the application. Consequently, the Application menu and several menu items use the name "NewApplication" where they should use the name of your application. Change the text of these items so that they read "Currency Converter" instead of "NewApplication".

  1. Double-click the text "NewApplication" in the application menu of your application's menubar. Change the text to "Currency Converter".

Changing menu text

NOTE: This change isn't really enough to get your application to display the right name for the Application menu when it's launched; the section on building the application explains how to make sure the correct name appears.

  1. Repeat this process for each menu item where the name "NewApplication" appears. Using the same method you used to change the name of the application menu, edit the "About NewApplication" item, the "Hide NewApplication" item, and the "Quit NewApplication" item in the application menu. Then edit the "NewApplication Help" item in the "Help" menu.

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