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    3535When you first enter the text for a label, the label may not be wide enough to show it all. In that case, you'll see only part of the text in the label. You can resize the label to make the full text visible. Click the label to select it. Notice the small blue dots that surround it. Grab a dot on the left side and drag it to the left to make the label wider, until you can see the entire text.
     37= Change the Text Field Attributes =
     39The first two text fields accept user input; the last displays the result of the conversion. We want the first to text fields to be editable, so users can enter the values to use in the conversion. We don't want the last field to be editable, but we do want users to be able to copy text from it.
     41We can control all this behavior using text-field attributes, configurable in the Inspector.
     43 1. Select the first text field
     45 2. Choose "Show Inspector" from the "Tools" menu
     47 3. Make sure "Attributes" is selected in the pull-down menu at the top of the Inspector window
     49 4. Ensure that the "Editable" and "Enabled" boxes are checked in the "Attributes" display of the Inspector window
     51 5. Repeat this process for the second text field
     53 6. Finally, repeat it again for the last text field, but this time make sure the "Editable" box is ''not'' checked
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