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Add a Button

Now we add a button that activates the currency conversion.

  1. Drag a Button object from the palette and drop it on the window

Adding a Button

  1. Double-click the button and change its title to "Convert"

Changing the Button title

  1. Select the button and then choose "Attributes" from the pull-down menu at the top of the Inspector window. Almost halfway down the "Attributes" view of the Inspector window, find the "Key Equiv" field. Choose "Return" from the pulldown menu in that field.

Choosing Return for the key equivalent

When you choose "Return", InterfaceBuilder enters "\R" in the text field for the Key Equivalent. Now when a user hits the "Return" key, your application will behave as if they had clicked the "Convert" button.

Add a Separator

Now add a separator line to visually group the text fields together. Drag a separator line from the palette and drop it above the button.

Adding the separator

Drag the ends of the separator line until it spans a visually pleasing width. As always, you can use the blue guidelines that InterfaceBuilder displays to adjust the size and position of the line and other elements to conform to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

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