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    3737Skip straight to the part of Apple's tutorial called [ Defining the View: Building the User Interface]. Read the introduction to nibfiles, and follow the instructions to create the Currency Converter interface. (Remember that when the tutorial tells you to open and edit "!MainMenu.nib", you will instead open and edit your "!CurrencyConverter.nib".) When you reach the end of the section called [ Test the Interface], and move on to the short section afterward called [ What's Next], you are done creating the interface for your application. Save your nibfile and continue with the next section of this HOWTO.
     39= What if You Need to Use !InterfaceBuilder 2.x? =
     41If you are still using !InterfaceBuilder 2.x, the version shipped with Mac OS X 10.4.x ("Tiger"), you can still create a working nibfile and you can still follow the instructions in this HOWTO to create a Cocoa application with OpenMCL. The main obstacle is that the earlier versions of !InterfaceBuilder have a significantly different user interface, and so you may find it hard to follow Apple's tutorial when working with !InterfaceBuilder.
     43If you are working with Mac OS X 10.4.x ("Tiger"), you can look [AppleCurrencyConverterBuildingUserInterfaceWithTiger here] to find a description of how to build the user interface files with the earlier version of !InterfaceBuilder. When you have finished building your user interface, you can continue with the section [AppleCurrencyConverterCreatingaLispFile "Creating a Lisp File"].