Aug 22, 2016:

5:33 PM Ticket #1378 (stack overflow on ARM) created by gb
simple functions - like […] may not always accurately report or …

Aug 19, 2016:

6:07 AM Ticket #1377 (Tail-calls and FLETs) created by svspire
Is this supposed to compile as tail-recursive? Because it's not doing …

Aug 13, 2016:

12:04 AM Changeset [16784] by gb
  • trunk/source/level-1/l1-error-system.lisp

Aug 9, 2016:

8:59 AM Ticket #1376 (error when reading/writing to files hosted on an ntfs volume loaded ...) created by jkordani
Will be willing to donate license to get this sorted out. osx …

Aug 3, 2016:

9:25 PM Ticket #1375 (external-process-status not always updated correctly) created by gb
see …
7:34 PM Ticket #1374 (Feature request: Export unix signals) closed by rme
worksforme: The native FFI provides this ability via the #$ read macro, which …
7:28 PM Ticket #1374 (Feature request: Export unix signals) created by pipping
Since the numerical value of a signal depends on the version of the …

Jul 29, 2016:

1:11 AM Ticket #1373 ((SETQ X X) is not optimized away) created by olopierpa
Hello, (SETQ X X) is not optimized away by the compiler. This came …

Jul 26, 2016:

6:07 PM Changeset [16783] by gb
  • trunk/source/level-1/l1-boot-3.lisp
platforms on which filenames have been encoded in iso-8859-1 are now …
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