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Binding a name in the CL package

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Dan Weinreb 2008-11-24 13:41:13 EST Section of the CL manual says that it's "undefined" what happens if you try to rebind a symbol in the CL package. SBCL complains if you try to do a macrolet on a CL symbol, such as "log" (which actually happened). I think it would be nice if this caused a compiler warning or error. (As you may know, I am hoping to eliminate the places where our CCL buildbot succeeds but the SBCL buildbot fails. Often SBCL explicitly outlaws things that are defined to be undefined by the satndard.)

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I'm rather unenthusiastic about this.

SBCL's tendency to be pedantic is not really something that I'd like to see in CCL.

As I understand it, the rationale for the is to prevent macro writers from losing when a macro using, say, the symbol cl:log, is expanded in an environment where cl:log has been rebound to something other than the standard function of that name. (This is where the macro hygiene people start smirking.)

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(In [15314]) Warn (via full warning) on duplicate bindings in SYMBOL-MACROLET, MACROLET, FLET, LABELS (fixes ticket:927.)

If a DECLARE expression is encountered when a form is expected, make the error message more verbose (and mention macroexpansion as a possible cause of the problem.) Fixes ticket:926.

Warn (via a full warning) if a local function shadows a global CL function name. Fixes ticket:923.

If STYLE-WARNINGs are incidentally signaled during (e.g.) macroexpansion and are handled and postprocessed by the compiler, ensure that the warning actually generated will be a STYLE-WARNING.

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