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y-or-n-p execution

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I am unsure whether this issue is ANSI compliance or IDE related. I've tested in 1.8-dev-r15188M-trunk (DarwinX8664) under MacOS 10.6.8.

In the terminal, (y-or-n-p) prompts "(y or n) ", which can be responded to by y or n followed by either newline or enter. In the Hemlock IDE, it will not take enter as execute, but requires newline.

In some other lisps, just n or y is required to execute. I can't see in the spec any guidance on this other than "It is intended that the reply require the user to answer a yes-or-no question with a single character.". I would prefer if execution was just by typing y or n, and not require either return or enter. For the long hand user response yes-or-no-p is available. For multiple rapid user choices using y-or-n-p, it can be convenient to be able to halve user keyboard input.

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