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ARM mis-compilation

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This function is derived from cmucl-type-prop.13 from the test suite. The ARM compiler appears to mis-compile it.

Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.7-dev-r14779  (LinuxARM32)!
? (defun junk (p1)
  (declare (optimize (speed 2) (safety 2) (debug 1) (space 3))
	   (type (eql 64848.973) p1))
  (- (the (eql 64848.973f0) p1) -2808/1031))
? (junk 64848.973)
> Error: value 353705262 is not of the expected type MACPTR.
> While executing: FUNCALL-WITH-XP-STACK-FRAMES, in process listener(1).
> Type :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
> Type :? for other options.
1 > (disassemble 'junk)
;;; (defun junk (p1) (declare (optimize (speed 2) (safety 2) (debug 1) (space 3)) (type (eql 64848.973) 
  (cmp nargs (:$ 4))
  (beq L12)
  (uuo-error-wrong-nargs (:? ne))
  (mov imm0 (:$ 19))
  (stmdb (:! sp) (imm0 vsp fn lr))
  (mov fn temp2)
  (str arg_z (:@! vsp (:$ -4)))         ;[24]
1 > 

gdb shows the following disassembly:

   0x54549594:	cmp	r2, #4
   0x54549598:	beq	0x545495a0
   0x5454959c:			; <UNDEFINED> instruction: 0x17f001f8
   0x545495a0:	mov	r0, #19
   0x545495a4:	push	{r0, r10, r11, lr}
   0x545495a8:	mov	r11, r9
   0x545495ac:	str	r4, [r10, #-4]!
   0x545495b0:	andeq	r0, r0, r0
   0x545495b4:	andeq	r0, r0, r9
   0x545495b8:	andeq	r0, r0, r10, lsr #10
   0x545495bc:	ldrbpl	r9, [r4], #-1428	; 0x594
   0x545495c0:	ldrbpl	r9, [r4], #-1430	; 0x596
   0x545495c4:	ldrbpl	r9, [r4], #-1613	; 0x64d
   0x545495c8:	strtpl	r12, [r12], #-1686	; 0x696
   0x545495cc:	andeq	r0, r0, #0
   0x545495d0:	andeq	r0, r0, r10, ror r8
   0x545495d4:	strtpl	sp, [r0], #-1829	; 0x725
   0x545495d8:	ldrbpl	r9, [r4], #-1534	; 0x5fe
   0x545495dc:	ldrbpl	r9, [r4], #-2198	; 0x896
   0x545495e0:	andeq	r0, r0, r0, lsl #1

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(In [14780]) In ACODE-OPTIMIZE-SUB2, actually generate some code for the single-float case even if num1 isn't 0. (cut-and-paste error from earlier today.)

Fixes ticket:856.

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