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Format function handling of ~< ~> seems off

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Consider the following:

(format nil "~<{~;~{~,3f~^, ~:_~}~;};~:>"
        (list (loop for x from 0 to 30 collecting (expt 1.065 x))))

Under sbcl and LW this puts 11 or 10 (respectively) numbers per line. On CCL (1.7-dev-r14672M-trunk) it does not, returning everything on a single line.

This is a pretty esoteric format string, and it's possible I'm completely misunderstanding what it should do, but I *think* CCL is doing something wrong.

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by rme

Make sure *print-pretty* is set to t. It's nil by default in CCL.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by TreeRex

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D'oh, that did it. Setting *print-pretty* was the magic I needed. Thanks!

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