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Shebang support

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I like to start my Common Lisp scripts with #!/usr/bin/env ccl. But when I load them in the CCL interpreter, I get an error:

Undefined character #\! in a #\# dispatch macro.

Could CCL include shebangs as ordinary CL syntax? CLISP and SBCL do.

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If you wanted to extend CL syntax so that #! and the rest of the line it's on was ignored by the lisp reader, how would you do so ?

Note that according to table 2-19 in section 2.4.8 of CLHS, the implementation isn't allowed to say:

(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\!
  (lambda (stream char n)
    (declare (ignore char n))
    (do* ((ch (read-char stream nil nil) (read-char stream nil nil)))
         ((or (null ch) (eql ch #\newline)) (values)))))

but the user is (e.g., in their init file.)

That's probably good enough in many ways. I'm not sure that doing this at a deeper level is all that desirable, precisely because #! really isn't "ordinary CL syntax"; it may be a reasonable guess that a #! at the beginning of standard input means that standard input is coming from a shell script that uses #!, but it's ultimately just a guess.

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