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build-application depends on cocoa, but apparently miss a (require :cocoa).

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Component: Objective-C Bridge Version: 1.6
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ccl --batch --load example.lisp

where example.lisp contains:

(require :build-application) (require :cocoa)

fails, because the reader macros such as #/ are not defined.

$ /opt/local/bin/ccl --batch --no-init --load example.lisp --eval '(ccl:quit)'
> Error of type SIMPLE-READER-ERROR: Reader error on #<BASIC-FILE-CHARACTER-INPUT-STREAM ("/opt/local/share/ccl/1.6/cocoa-ide/builder-utilities.lisp"/9 ISO-8859-1) #x302000546C5D>, near position 797, within "ng (s) (#/autoreleas":
>                                    Undefined character #\/ in a #\# dispatch macro.

Also, while it's not bad to provide a default *readtable* with pre-bound reader macros, it would be better to also provide the reader macro functions as external symbols, or a macro to add them to *readtable*, so that they could be easily added to other readtable instances.

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