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provide stat(2) interface

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From the mailing list:

I happened to notice that CCL::%STAT-VALUES returns the inode number but not the device, which must be wrong: inode numbers are device-relative. In practice, a collision between inode numbers of files that one is actually looking at at some particular time and that are on different devices is admittedly unlikely, but it's not impossible. Code such as that near the end of `cocoa-ide/console-window. lisp' should be comparing both the device and inode.

Meanwhile, it would be nice to have a semi-official, exported function to get stat information. Something like this, perhaps:

  (defun stat (name &optional link-p)
     (%stat (namestring name) link-p))

Also, it would be nice to have the atime as well as the mtime (I suppose someone might want the ctime too, but I don't).

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