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doubleclick on " of "foo" will not select the string

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(In [13186]) A bunch of Hemlock Lisp mode changes:

  • Add parsing support for |symbol quoting| and #| nested comments |#. This fixes bug 421.
  • Change comment syntax coloring color from light gray to brown. Use it to color #| |# blocks as well as ;;; comments. Do NOT use it to color escaped symbol constituents.
  • Add support for moving over lisp forms without pre-parsing info, for use when pre-parsing info is not available. Use this to allow navigation (i.e. c-m-f et. al.) inside strings and comment (seems like there would have been a ticket for this but I didn't find one).
  • Make meta-. work inside comments
  • Extend double-click selection to work inside comments/strings, ditto for Enter. This fixes bug 503 and bug 509.
  • Fix a couple bugs in pre-parsing of lines with escape at end. This was the underlying cause of bug 444, so this fixes bug 444.
  • Make triple-click select symbols vs. words for double-click. This addresses bug 496.
  • parse-over-block: fix the constant reparsing of the first line.
  • set-temporary-character-attributes: do not force reparsing, as this is called a lot.
  • fix macroexpand commands to act in-lisp context
  • Init hemlock syntax attributes from ccl::%standard-readtable%
  • Replace Editor Compile Defun and Editor Evaluate Defun with Editor Execute Defun, and replace Editor Compile Region and Editor Evaluate Region with Editor Execute Expression.
  • Make the form selected by double-clicking be the same as the form used for execution and macroexpansion commands, and make it be more general. This fixes bug 577 and bug 65 and bug 188.
  • some other changes that I no longer remember because I had this checked out for way too long...
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