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ccl::report-compiler-warning vs. *print-circle*

Reported by: heller Owned by: gb
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Some compiler messages look strange when *print-circle* is set. For example:

Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.4-dev-r12309M-trunk  (Linuxx8632)!
? (setq *print-circle* t)
? (compile nil '(lambda () (lambda () (lambda () x))))
;Compiler warnings :
;   In #1=an anonymous lambda form#2= inside #1##2##1#: Undeclared free variable x
#<Anonymous Function #x14A33026>

I would prefer if the error message would include the position in the file instead of the function name. Ideally, compiler messages should use a format similar to the one used by gcc or similar compilers because editors like emacs or vi can already parse that format.

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