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Break loops for threads

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There don't seem to be any. At the moment, if a thread errors, it prints out something like the following message on the altconsole:

;;; #<PROCESS Show text(33) [Active] #x946A706> requires access to Shared Terminal Input
;;; Type (:y 33) to yield control to this thread.

But following the instructions doesn't seem to have any effect. There also doesn't seem to be any way to get a backtrace through the Tools->Processes window. RME suggested that when a thread enters a break loop it should be able to get its own terminal-io window, which seems like a fine plan to me. It's unclear whether those windows ought to live in the Lisp app or the altconsole.

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Note that the BACKGROUND-LISTENER-PROCESS mechanism doesn't solve the problem of how to arbitrate for shared-terminal-io in the IDE, but does provide a way of avoiding the issue.

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Comment from Shannon:

"Processes" window needs a way to not just kill, but also interrupt and debug a process via backtrace. cmd-, (comma) does this but only if there's a listener already open on this process. Cmd-. and cmd-, could possibly pop up a dialog asking which process the user wishes to abort or interrupt, like MCL.

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by p2

I have never managed to progress from this state. Typing :y 7 or (:y 7) seem to do nothing.

It would be useful if some explanation of how the Altconsole error dialog is meant to be conducted. Both to show a backtrace and contect, but also best handle the background problems that throw up such advice as:

Error: bug ..., in process load p2 inits(7).

;;; ;;; #<PROCESS load p2 inits(7) [Active] #x302001877CFD> requires access to Shared Terminal Input ;;; Type (:y 7) to yield control to this thread. ;;;

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