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Closing AltConsole when quitting the IDE

Reported by: gz Owned by: gb
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When the IDE is quitting, it should offer to do something about the AltConsole? app it started, the way it offers to save documents. Ideally it would actually be like saving a document, i.e. it'd ask if you want to save the console record, ask AltConsole? to save if so, and then in any case kill AltConsole?.

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If the socket that AltConsole? is reading from (and the lisp is writing to) closes before anything's read from it, AltConsole? quietly quits. If it actually reads something (output from the lisp), it starts its (simple) GUI.

When the GUI's running, it periodically checks the status of the parent PID (the lisp) and displays that status in its window. If you try to quit or close the window when the lisp is still running, it should ask for confirmation. (I'm not sure if it does this, but it should probably try to explain that there's no good way to see subsequent debugging output from the lisp, if you care about that.)

If it detects that the lisp process has died, it currently just changes a status indicator. Lingering around in that case probably isn't good default behavior; it should probably go through a standard quit sequence at that point, offering to let you save the debugging output. (If you cancel from that dialog, you could continue to stare at the backtraces and error messages and quit later.)

You -might- be able to use AppleEvents? or some other IPC mechanism to monitor and control this from the lisp, but I'm not sure that that's offer any real advantage. I agree that most of the time you want AltConsole? to quit ASAP after the lisp does, and I often wind up with several AltConsoles? sitting uselessly in the dock

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by gb

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This is fixed in the trunk (r11826) (if AltConsole? has displayed its GUI, it tries to quit (as if the Quit menu item had been invoked, offering to save documents, etc.) if the parent process dies before it does.

There might be a delay (1 second or so) between the time that the IDE quits and the time that AltConsole? notices that it has.

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