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Multiplication at different safety levels

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? (defun test (x y) (* x y 0.05))
? (defun safe-test (x y) (declare (optimize (safety 3))) (* x y 0.05))
? (= (test 30.0 23/20) (safe-test 30.0 23/20))

The problem is that optimization changes the order of args to #'*, and (* 0.05 30.0 23/20) is not the same as (* 30.0 23/20 0.05). The spec gives us latitude to compute (* 30.0 23/20 0.05) in any order, but in practice it'd be helpful if just changing optimization settings didn't result in a different answers.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by hrapof

I think it's unsafe anyway to rely on upon plain #'= to compare floating point numbers, as 0.05 may turn up as 0.04999999999 :) It seems to me people always use some kind of epsilon to make an inexact comparison within certain bounds.

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