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Large stream byte sizes not supported

Reported by: gz Owned by: gb
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Component: ANSI CL Compliance Version:
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For the record, we don't support stream bytes bigger than a word. Strictly speaking this is not a violation of the spec (nothing is, really, when it comes to files), though it could be implemented if anybody ever actually wanted it. (This bug report comes from running a test suite, which doesn't count as anybody actually wanting it).

? (open "foo.txt" :direction :output :element-type '(unsigned-byte 66))
> Error: Not an ivector subtag: 182
> While executing: CCL::SUBTAG-BYTES, in process listener(1).
> Type :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
> Type :? for other options.
1 > 

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I just noticed that ticket:357 is essentially a duplicate of this one.

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