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Incremental Search should highlight found text

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Incremental search (control-s and control-r) currently moves the point to the found text, but it doesn't highlight the found text. It would be nice if it highlighted the found text. For bonus points, highlight all the occurrences of found text in the window (using a distinct highlight for the occurrence where the point is).

I'm calling this an enhancement, but it might be considered a defect, at least the first part.

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by gb

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I think that C-s should probably do the same kind of highlighting that Cmd-F does (select the single instance of the found text, do whatever the OS does to highlight that selection, including the transient highlighting found on recent OS releases.)

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by alms

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Currently control-s (forward incremental search) highlights the found text correctly (although it doesn't use the temporary flashing orange box that command-f uses). However, control-r (reverse incremental search) doesn't show the selection correctly. If you initiate an incremental search with control-r, it doesn't show any selection. If you switch from control-s to control-r, it shows you a thoroughly bogus selection.

Because of this bogus behavior of control-r I've switched this ticket from "enhancement" to "defect".

For a further enhancement, we could consider emulating the highlighting approach used by Safari 3.0: it highlights the current found text in orange, and it highlights other visible occurrences of the search string in white. (It does this by graying out the whole page other than the visible occurrences of the search string. I don't think that would be good for us to do. But it is nice showing all the visible occurrences with some subtle highlighting.)

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I'm closing this ticket since I can't find anything wrong with the current behaviour. I'll open a new ticket for the enhancement request at the end of the last comment.

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