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No support for vectors with element-type FIXNUM in COMPILE-FILE/FASLOAD

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Even though arrays/vectors with element-type FIXNUM have existed in OpenMCL for over a year, neither COMPILE-FILE nor the fasl loader have any support for dumping/loading them when they appear as constants. The big ETYPECASE in FASL-DUMP-DISPATCH misses them and falls into a clause which tries to dump them as GVECTORs; whether that "works" or not depends on how the bits in the vector are (mis)interpreted as tagged objects, as in the example below.

(defconstant *matrix*
  (let ((matrix (make-array '(80) :element-type 'fixnum)))
    (dotimes (i 80 matrix)
      (setf (aref matrix i) (random 1000)))))

 (defun problem81 ()
  (let ((j 50))
    ;;(aref *matrix* 50) ; no problem
    (aref *matrix* j)   ; bad

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It's true that there's no specialized support for FIXNUM vectors, but the more serious issue was that the ETYPECASE that decides how to dump things fell into a case that tried to dump FIXNUM vectors as gvectors; before the introduction of FIXNUM vectors, this couldn't have happened.

This seems to be fixed in changeset:7834.

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