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Double Clicking in Hemlock, selecting the current expression works not as expected

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When I double click on an open left parenthesis, the expression is selected.

But that does not work for double quotes, single quotes, right parenthesis, vertical bars, ...

double-clicking on the first part of the symbol foo-bar will only select foo.

Ideally Hemlock should be much smarter what to select when I double click on something.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by jaj

  • Milestone set to Cocoa IDE v1

This is important for usability. Leaving it major for Cocoa IDE v1

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by gb

  • Type changed from defect to enhancement

What would it mean for this to work for single quotes ?

It's certainly important for usability that this behave as people expect. Unfortunately, different people might reasonably expect different things.

I don't remember double-click in MCL as being an all-singing, all-dancing, select-anything-that-anyone-might-ever-want-to-select utility, though I doubt that it would have been any harder to implement the parts of that that make sense in FRED than it would be in Hemlock. A quick but non-conclusive test indicates that a double-click within the word FOO in FOO-BAR selects FOO in MCL 5.1 and selects FOO-BAR in 5.2, and I believe that quite a bit of thought went into the the decision to offer the original behavior, and that concern about how "Mac-like" the default behavior was influenced that decision.

I'm sure that many people wrote MCL extensions that offered behavior that they expected and agree that this should be easy to customize. I'm very skeptical that everyone would find the same set of extensions to default Mac behavior intuitive and useful, and tend to believe that we should think carefully about this.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by gz

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comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by rme

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comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by gz

  • Resolution set to fixed
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(In [13186]) A bunch of Hemlock Lisp mode changes:

  • Add parsing support for |symbol quoting| and #| nested comments |#. This fixes bug 421.
  • Change comment syntax coloring color from light gray to brown. Use it to color #| |# blocks as well as ;;; comments. Do NOT use it to color escaped symbol constituents.
  • Add support for moving over lisp forms without pre-parsing info, for use when pre-parsing info is not available. Use this to allow navigation (i.e. c-m-f et. al.) inside strings and comment (seems like there would have been a ticket for this but I didn't find one).
  • Make meta-. work inside comments
  • Extend double-click selection to work inside comments/strings, ditto for Enter. This fixes bug 503 and bug 509.
  • Fix a couple bugs in pre-parsing of lines with escape at end. This was the underlying cause of bug 444, so this fixes bug 444.
  • Make triple-click select symbols vs. words for double-click. This addresses bug 496.
  • parse-over-block: fix the constant reparsing of the first line.
  • set-temporary-character-attributes: do not force reparsing, as this is called a lot.
  • fix macroexpand commands to act in-lisp context
  • Init hemlock syntax attributes from ccl::%standard-readtable%
  • Replace Editor Compile Defun and Editor Evaluate Defun with Editor Execute Defun, and replace Editor Compile Region and Editor Evaluate Region with Editor Execute Expression.
  • Make the form selected by double-clicking be the same as the form used for execution and macroexpansion commands, and make it be more general. This fixes bug 577 and bug 65 and bug 188.
  • some other changes that I no longer remember because I had this checked out for way too long...
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