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need some way to have call-next-method refer to super

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There's no way to use CALL-NEXT-METHOD within an objc:defmethod form to call a method on super, and SEND-SUPER isn't available.

Something better than:

  (let ((class (#/class self)))
    (rlet ((s :objc_super #+apple-objc :receiver self
	      #+apple-objc-2.0 :super_class #-apple-objc-2.0 :class
	      #+apple-objc-2.0 (#_class_getSuperclass class)
	      #-apple-objc-2.0 (pref class :objc_class.super_class)))
      (objc-message-send-super s "initWithFrame:" :<NSR>ect frame

is needed.

Maybe just a %send-super function for now, and something better later.

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