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GUI-based command-apropos for Hemlock

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It would be nice to have a tool on the "tools" menu for searching for Hemlock commands. This could look like the current "Apropos" dialog, i.e. search string entry and list of results. But the list of results would include the current key binding as well as the name of the command and (if available) documentation for that command.

Hemlock already has a bunch of infrastructure for this built in, but putting it on a menu would make it much more accessible. (For example, I figured out that "control-h a" does some sort of Hemlock command apropos, but it didn't show me the key bindings, which made it useless.)

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by gb

Not commenting on how useful Hemlock's help is, but C-h a forward generated:

Commands with "forward" in their names:
Forward Character   Rightarrow, C-f; 
  Move the point forward one character, collapsing the selection.
   With prefix argument move that many characters, with negative argument
   go backwards.
Forward Form   C-M-f; 
  Skip over the next Form, collapsing the selection.
  With argument, skips the next p Forms.
Forward Kill Form   C-M-k; 
  Kill the next Form.
   With a positive argument, kills the next p Forms.
   Kills backward with a negative argument.
Forward Kill Sentence   M-k; 
  Kill forward to end of sentence.
[...] lots more
Variables with "forward" in their names:

so people apparently thought it'd be useful to see key bindings 20 years ago, too.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by alms

Thanks for pointing that out. The test that I did (control-h a complet) didn't appear to include the key bindings, but that was apparently because none of the commands it found had key bindings, not because key bindings were intentionally omitted. So the GUI-based version is much less necessary, but will still probably help a certain class of user a lot.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by gz

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See also ticket #132 (which also requests editing...)

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We have the hemlock commands window, which I would say fulfills this request.

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