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Processes window fields

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I haven't used the IDE much in the last few weeks and just recently noticed the processes window. Some observations:

  1. I think that exposing methods to suspend/resume processes was probably a bad idea, so I have mixed feelings about seeing the suspend count displayed. On the one hand, it might be good to see if a process is suspended; on the other hand, I want people to forget about suspend/resume-process.
  1. The underlying LISP-THREAD object isn't much more than a wrapper around the thread context record (TCR), which is a fixnum-aligned pointer to a data structure that older Linux kernels sometimes lose track of ... but I digress. There are some fields inside the TCR that might be interesting, including Posix and Mach thread identifiers. These fields might be useful to someone using other tools (like Apple's Thread Viewer application), which will probably use these values to identify threads from that perspective.
  1. It might be useful (both in practice and as an example: "NSTimer. Friend or foe?") to have an option to refresh the window automatically (say, at 1 second intervals by default.)
  1. If we're careful about it and remember how, we might be able to sample per-thread CPU time and memory allocation. Combined with (3) above, this might show that the initial process is spending a lot of time consing floats while it tries to autorefresh the processes window ... kind of like running "top -u" on OSX and discovering that "top" is an incredible CPU hog.

There are probably lots of higher-priority things than any of this ... any kind of medium-low-level debugging might be better done with Thread Viewer and/or GDB, so it might be good enough to just (optionally) show the thread IDs and point out that they can be useful when using other debugging tools.

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