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Consistent crash on Windows 7 after 10 seconds

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Component: Runtime (threads, GC) Version: 1.11
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CCL crashes consistently after about 10 seconds on my 64-bit Win7 machine.

Everything seems to work fine for the first 10 seconds, e.g. REPL comes up and I can evaluate forms before the crash. Both wx86cl64.exe & wx86cl.exe exhibit the same problem. I've tried this with 1.11, 1.10 & 1.5 and all versions crash.

Running under gdb, I see the following output:

[New Thread 8260.0x1afc]
Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.11-r16635  (WindowsX8664)!

CCL is developed and maintained by Clozure Associates. For more information
about CCL visit  To enquire about Clozure's Common Lisp
consulting services e-mail or visit

? [New Thread 8260.0x22ec]
[New Thread 8260.0x2878] <--- This appears after 10 seconds and ccl crashes immediately afterwards
[Thread 8260.0x2414 exited with code 3221225477]
[Thread 8260.0x22ec exited with code 3221225477]
[Thread 8260.0x2878 exited with code 3221225477]
[Inferior 1 (process 8260) exited with code 030000000005]

I've attached what I presume is a core dump (I'm not really a windows user).

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