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merge-pathnames bug with :back component

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Component: ANSI CL Compliance Version: 1.10
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CLHS for merge-pathnames specifies that,

"This removal of redundant :back keywords is repeated as many times as


ccl (1.10-r16196, OSX)

The first expression below evaluates correctly, but the second produces an error.

? (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :directory '(:relative "a" "b" :back))
                   (make-pathname :directory '(:absolute "root")))
? (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :directory '(:relative "a" "b" :back :back))
                   (make-pathname :directory '(:absolute "root")))
> Error: The value :BACK is not of the expected type SEQUENCE.

CLISP, ECL, SBCL correctly produce:


(That said, I'm far from a pathname expert and could be completely wrong.)

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