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#1293 new enhancement

Record source locations for symbol macros

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CCL doesn't record the source location of symbol macros. E.g. loading this file

(define-symbol-macro foo 123)
(format t "definition-sources: ~a~%" (ccl:find-definition-sources 'foo))

just prints definition-sources: nil

A patch like this would improve the situation:

Index: l1-readloop.lisp
--- l1-readloop.lisp	(revision 16447)
+++ l1-readloop.lisp	(working copy)
@@ -240,6 +240,7 @@
   (setf (gethash name *symbol-macros*) expansion)
+  (record-source-file name 'symbol-macro)
 (defvar *macroexpand-hook* 'funcall

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