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[gray streams] please make ccl::stream-position public

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CCL provides a generic function ccl::stream-position, which is called by cl:file-position, so that a user-implemented Gray stream can plug-in its implementation of cl:file-position by providing a ccl::stream-position method.

In particular, ccl::stream-position is used by trivial-gray-streams:

Please make the ccl::stream-position symbol public, I believe it's just an overlook that the symbol is private.


The Gray proposal was made before the standard was finalized, and was based on Common Lisp The Language.

The book does not have cl:file-position function, that's why (I think) the Gray proposal does not a generic function for it stream-file-position. The same situation with cl:write-sequence, cl:read-sequence - they are absent in the book, and have no counterparts in the Gray proposal.

But all lisps provide gray methods for these functions. CCL in particular, has ccl:stream-read/write-list, ccl:stream-read/write-vector, allowing a Gray stream implementation to pulug-into cl:read/write-sequcence. It would be consistent to provide a public symbol for cl:file-position Gray counterpart.

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