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function watch documentation error

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The documentation of function 'watch' is wrong. It says

? (defvar *s* "xxxxx") *S* ? (watch *s*) "xxxxx"

but it should be ======= ? (watch (quote *s*)) =======

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The example is correct. The example is trying to show that you can watch the contents of a string (which is just a vector of characters) for modification. In the example, *s* is just a reference to the string object; watch is concerned with modifications to data objects, not bindings.

Saying (watch '*s*) would indicate that you want to watch the symbol object itself. This may be useful in restricted circumstances, but if *s* were lambda-bound (via let/lambda/progv), then watch wouldn't notice modifications to *s*'s value cell.

For example (on a 32-bit system):

(defparameter *x* 3)
(watch '*x*)
(let ((*x* *x*))
  (setq *x* 100))
=> 100
=> 3  (and watch doesn't signal)

Additionally (as you mention in ticket:1098), on 64-bit systems, symbols are not exactly uvectors, so watch doesn't know what to do with them. I could probably make watch handle symbols specially, but I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble. If you really want that, please make an enhancement ticket for it.

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