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require is half case sensitive, half case insensitive, which leads to duplicate loading of modules.

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If we do:

;; fresh image
(require "cocoa")
(require 'cocoa)

it works fine, but if we do:

;; fresh image
(require 'cocoa)
(require "cocoa")

the module is loaded twice, which fails.

The problem is that in ccl::find-module-pathnames, string-downcase is used to build the pathname of the module, but when testing for the presence of module in *module*, string= is used.

CLHS says: "Both functions (require and provide) use string= to test for the presence of a module-name." So module names are case sensitive, and as string designators, one cannot use 'cocoa or :cocoa to designate a module named "cocoa".

So, just use STRING instead of STRING-DOWNCASE in FIND-MODULE-PATHNAME, and check that the found file name has the same case to detect the potential problem in case insensitive file systems (loading a module with a different case). Perhaps truename can be used to check the case, since it returns the path with the true case. (This is what clisp does).

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