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Sometimes cmd-L doesn't work

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Sometimes the IDE gets in a state where cmd-L doesn't switch to the listener, it doesn't do anything. Unfortunately I don't know how to reproduce it. Few things I noticed

  • When this happens, it's stable. I.e. you can keep hitting cmd-L and it keeps not working - it's not some flaky intermittent thing. However, something about switching windows or something like that makes it come back, and then it keeps working.
  • I'm about 90% sure that even when cmd-L doesn't work, I am able to select the Listener menu item in the windows menu and that works.

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(Some notes to myself.)

It's not entirely clear what the behavior of cmd-L should be.

Some possibilities:

  1. cmd-L always switches to the "primary" listener (the one named "Listener"). If no "Listener" exists, and "Listener 1" does, then what should cmd-L do? If "Listener 1" got the cmd-L, what would happen when "Listener" was created again?
  1. If no listener exists, cmd-L doesn't do anything. This seems less than helpful; it should probably create a new listener in that case.
  1. cmd-L could cycle through all open listeners. This makes cmd-L something more than a menu item shortcut, but might be useful behavior. (In other words, like command-backquote, but just for listener windows.)
  1. Assign cmd-L as a shortcut for the listener that was most recently key. (Easy to do by registering for NSWindowDidBecomeKeyNotification and settting the menu item shortcut in respone.)

After writing all this, I'm thinking this: cmd-L will raise the listener window that was most recently key (or perhaps better, most recently typed into). Hitting cmd-L again will cycle to the listener that was next most recently key (or maybe just next in the window list), and so forth. If a listener does not exist when cmd-L is pressed, create one and raise it.

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Fixed in r7489.

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