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#878 Wrong CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY on Cygwin defect normal other
#890 %reservedbytes and room give incorrect results when ccl heap size is restricted defect normal other
#903 multiple line indent with tab defect normal IDE
#906 Support C blocks enhancement normal Foreign Function Interface
#910 Required arguments in (CCL::TYPECHECK GRAMMAR) don't match lambda list (CCL::OBJECT CCL::TYPESPEC). defect normal Compiler
#912 Let's use POSIX locale for *terminal-io* character encoding by default. defect normal other
#917 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. enhancement normal IDE
#921 CFASL support enhancement normal Compiler
#925 Attempting to redefine a symbol in the CL package should cause a compile-time error enhancement normal ANSI CL Compliance
#932 Coverage info for slot access, class instantiation enhancement normal Compiler
#942 Code coverage should indicate uncovered areas enhancement normal Compiler
#943 Code coverage of unreferenced functions kmcorbett enhancement normal Compiler
#944 (DECLAIM (TYPE ...)) should be evaluated when VAR is bound or setq'ed enhancement normal Compiler
#946 Tag coverage per test kmcorbett enhancement normal Compiler
#955 build-applications generates an application that tries to load the file used to generate the application. gb defect normal IDE
#965 Feature request: Editor enhancement enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#966 Double-scrolling in coverage report defect normal other
#967 Coverage reports should allow opening links in new tabs defect normal other
#983 ccl:external-process-id on Windows returns process handle, but not an ID defect normal Foreign Function Interface
#987 Search Files dialog hang defect normal IDE
#994 consider exporting a compare-and-swap or conditional-store enhancement normal other
#1006 (the (values ...) ...) not checked in safe code enhancement normal other
#1008 coverage report generation fails with some non-ascii chars gz defect normal IDE
#1016 Custom hash table functions require symbols, not function designators enhancement normal other
#1023 update logbot rme task normal project hosting
#1024 *print-circle* in report-condition defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1025 snippets buffer enhancement normal IDE
#1039 save-application ignores the :error-handler option in Windows defect normal Documentation
#1051 Format directives paremeter checking. defect normal other
#1063 Make the standard readtable read-only enhancement normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1065 reduce maphash consing enhancement normal Performance
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension rme defect normal IDE
#1073 bug in format ~f defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1075 Please call dlopen with lazy binding enhancement normal Foreign Function Interface
#1079 defgeneric :method declare should not signal a program-error. defect normal Compiler
#1080 require is half case sensitive, half case insensitive, which leads to duplicate loading of modules. defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1081 control-w broken in reverse incremental search defect normal IDE
#1083 make mailman archives searchable enhancement normal project hosting
#1085 LOOP estimate-code-size problem defect normal other
#1086 Support Windows UNC pathnames defect normal other
#1090 Some useful thread functionality that's not exported or documented enhancement normal Documentation
#1091 Document compiler policy enhancement normal Documentation
#1100 make 'watch' handle symbols specially enhancement normal Compiler
#1104 The location of the document "xyz" cannot be determined. defect normal IDE
#1105 Auto save enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#1106 .file.lisp rather than file.lisp~ enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#1114 RUN-PROGRAM borks on :ELEMENT-TYPE :DEFAULT enhancement normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1116 parse-integer :junk-allowed NIL accepts control codes as spaces. enhancement normal other
#1118 MAKE-WINDOWS-COMMAND-LINE doesn't escape spaces correctly rme defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1121 filename ~user/... is treated as ~/... by truename defect normal Compiler
#1122 bug in peek-char for CRLF-type line-endings defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1123 win64 threads crash defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1139 Do paren matching even within block comments gz enhancement normal IDE
#1140 request additional arg to save-application enhancement normal other
#1144 Add variable to control breaking on SIGINT enhancement normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1147 Meta-dot doesn't work with cocoa-remote-lisp gz enhancement normal IDE
#1148 Tramp-mode windows in Hemlock gz enhancement normal IDE
#1149 Need dired in IDE gz enhancement normal IDE
#1155 Integrate ASDF browser xach enhancement normal IDE
#1158 Windows: support long file names (the \\?\ notation) enhancement normal other
#1160 undo and read-only-listener problems defect normal IDE
#1168 Add sorting options to List Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#1169 Improve legibility of List Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#1170 Don't show commented-out forms in Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#1179 win64 threads crash # 2 defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1180 Cocoa IDE succumbs to AppNap, and there is no checkbox to turn it off in the About enhancement normal IDE
#1185 Search Files dialog problem xach defect normal IDE
#1189 bug in FORMAT ?? defect normal Compiler
#1195 add Maxima test suite to buildbot rme enhancement normal other
#1207 Argument mismatch for structure accessors produces a bad error. defect normal Compiler
#1212 [gray streams] please make ccl::stream-position public enhancement normal other
#1213 Subseq hangs on 64-bit Windows defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1214 mumble server (or something like it) enhancement normal project hosting
#1215 Bignum issue defect normal other
#1230 Bug in MacOS serial stream implementation? defect normal other
#1233 Documentation on creating a ns-number is incorrect defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#1239 Subnormal FP numbers handled incorrectly in expt defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1240 editor-execute-expression-command no longer ensures output is visible defect normal IDE
#1248 Add "Show Callers" command xach enhancement normal IDE
#1249 IDE truncates unicode characters to 16 bits defect normal IDE
#1250 float format fail defect normal other
#1254 Remove obsolete documentation about send-super and related functions/macros task normal Objective-C Bridge
#1261 (open "/proc/[pid]/fd/[int]") fails on linux defect normal other
#1263 duplicate window crash rme defect normal IDE
#1265 Missing functions: File-create-date etc. svspire enhancement normal Future Clozure CL other
#1266 yielding to another thread in AltConsole doesn't work defect normal IDE
#1267 format handles *print-circle* wrong defect normal other
#1268 DEFSETF long form expansion defect normal other
#1272 formating single-float produce short-float defect normal other
#1276 CCL doesn't work with CLX on Windows 7. defect normal other
#1277 pprint-fill et al mangles output when *print-pretty* is nil defect normal other
#1279 Infinite loop on unmasked foreign SIGFPE defect normal Foreign Function Interface
#1281 d and k handled incorrectly in ~e float format defect normal other
#1284 cp932 non-round-trip mapping workaround enhancement normal other
#1285 probe-file not returning truename (sometimes) defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1287 Stack overflow on broken pipe defect normal other
#1288 don't recompile hemlock everytime enhancement normal other
#1293 Record source locations for symbol macros enhancement normal other
#1295 Displaced arrays don't work as expected defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1296 Pretty-print Not Honoring ~:@_ Directive defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
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