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#623 "Retry applying" restart doesn't work for SETF gb defect normal Compiler
#490 "find source code" commande doesn't work with functions with accents in their name defect normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#890 %reservedbytes and room give incorrect results when ccl heap size is restricted defect normal other
#269 &whole destructuring gb defect trivial ANSI CL Compliance
#944 (DECLAIM (TYPE ...)) should be evaluated when VAR is bound or setq'ed enhancement normal Compiler
#1373 (SETQ X X) is not optimized away enhancement minor other
#273 (acos -1) not quite right [on Mac] gb defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1261 (open "/proc/[pid]/fd/[int]") fails on linux defect normal other
#1006 (the (values ...) ...) not checked in safe code enhancement normal other
#1420 *echo-expression-to-listener* doesn't work defect major IDE
#1024 *print-circle* in report-condition defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#480 -*- coding: xxx -*- enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1106 .file.lisp rather than file.lisp~ enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#754 :type slot option not overridden for for :included slots in defstruct defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1274 APPLY-IN-FRAME isn't implemented on ARM gb defect major Runtime (threads, GC)
#746 ASDF project browser should be on the Tools menu rme enhancement normal IDE
#1248 Add "Show Callers" command xach enhancement normal IDE
#57 Add Lisp APIs for handling common simple Cocoa UI tasks mikel enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#59 Add a simple Graphics API enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#922 Add a way to reference variables that does not count as 'using' them enhancement minor Compiler
#1310 Add arrays displaced to foreign memory enhancement normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#169 Add class-slot-list-expansion Hemlock command rme enhancement minor IDE
#414 Add grouping to undo enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#170 Add package management commands to Hemlock gb enhancement minor IDE
#1187 Add readline capability to command-line ccl enhancement minor other
#1168 Add sorting options to List Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#1144 Add variable to control breaking on SIGINT enhancement normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#590 Add way to tell compiler to ignore DYNAMIC-EXTENT decls gb enhancement minor Compiler
#811 After searching in a window nothing can be highlighted (Windows/Cocotron) defect normal Cocotron
#455 Allow user to select default encoding for editor files rme defect normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1156 Altconsole text font size change enhancement minor IDE
#720 And "Open Selected File" to SLIME enhancement normal IDE
#762 Anonymous classes are never garbage collected defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#759 Apropos dialog enhancement enhancement normal IDE
#760 Apropos dialog not windoid enhancement trivial IDE
#730 Apropos no Copy, but Cut defect trivial IDE
#66 Apropos output too far right gb defect minor IDE
#498 Apropos window should remember column widths enhancement normal IDE
#497 Apropos window with 2 text input areas enhancement normal IDE
#1207 Argument mismatch for structure accessors produces a bad error. defect normal Compiler
#925 Attempting to redefine a symbol in the CL package should cause a compile-time error enhancement normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1105 Auto save enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#1339 Avoid boxing / unboxing when copying array elements gb enhancement normal Compiler
#233 BUILD-APPLICATION makes it hard to use a user-specified application delegate mikel defect minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#6 Backquote ,@,@ handling gb defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#160 Be smarter about selecting a hemlock major mode when opening a file rme enhancement minor IDE
#193 Beginning of Page and End of Page keystrokes are not bound gz defect minor IDE
#1215 Bignum issue defect normal other
#1257 Bogus-object on multi-core ARM rme defect major Runtime (threads, GC)
#544 Break loops for threads rme enhancement normal IDE
#1095 Buffer modified icon enhancement trivial IDE
#1421 Buffering option for connecting via a socket enhancement normal other
#1230 Bug in MacOS serial stream implementation? defect normal other
#751 CCL can spuriously warn about unknown functions defect minor Compiler
#930 CCL doesn't support tracing local functions gz enhancement trivial Runtime (threads, GC)
#1276 CCL doesn't work with CLX on Windows 7. defect normal other
#940 CCL should warn when attempting to redefine a package to have fewer exported symbols enhancement minor Compiler
#921 CFASL support enhancement normal Compiler
#663 Can't bind commands to shift-tab defect normal IDE
#1180 Cocoa IDE succumbs to AppNap, and there is no checkbox to turn it off in the About enhancement normal IDE
#943 Code coverage of unreferenced functions kmcorbett enhancement normal Compiler
#942 Code coverage should indicate uncovered areas enhancement normal Compiler
#499 Command-Option-Click = go to definition enhancement normal IDE
#1415 Compiler warning for a global function bound to a function created using CONSTANTLY. defect minor other
#1369 Compiler warning when using instances of funcallable-standard-object. enhancement minor Compiler
#566 Compiler warnings in defect normal other
#1253 Conformance issue with compiler macros and FUNCALL defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1384 Consistent crash on Windows 7 after 10 seconds defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#54 Convert Apple quick-start Cocoa example programs to Lisp enhancement trivial Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#932 Coverage info for slot access, class instantiation enhancement normal Compiler
#967 Coverage reports should allow opening links in new tabs defect normal other
#58 Create drag-and-drop examples mikel enhancement trivial Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#171 Current code for handling lisp errors/NSExecptions in event thread is not robust. gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#1016 Custom hash table functions require symbols, not function designators enhancement normal other
#1268 DEFSETF long form expansion defect normal other
#609 DEFSTRUCT slot initforms don't capture lexical environment gb defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1150 DISASSEMBLE-LINES isn't implemented yet for ARM gb enhancement minor other
#1295 Displaced arrays don't work as expected defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1298 Displaced arrays with invalid array dimension(s). defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1139 Do paren matching even within block comments gz enhancement normal IDE
#37 Document Cocoa programming in OpenMCL gb task normal Cocoa IDE v? Documentation
#1091 Document compiler policy enhancement normal Documentation
#1233 Documentation on creating a ns-number is incorrect defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#206 Don't indent in the middle of a string defect normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#1170 Don't show commented-out forms in Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#496 Double-click = select whole function name enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#966 Double-scrolling in coverage report defect normal other
#1347 Dragging a folder to Hemlock's Dock icon causes a freeze defect normal IDE
#814 ENOUGH-NAMESTRING on Windows does not take drives into account defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#32 Edit-Required-File gb enhancement trivial IDE
#256 Enable tracing of objc dispatch functions rme enhancement minor Objective-C Bridge
#212 Error messages in the IDE should refer user to restarts/backtrace/continue menu items and key equivalents gb defect minor IDE
#1329 Errors from getaddrinfo are not signaled defect normal other
#429 Execute... done message enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#662 Export and possibly enhance CCL::DEFINE-TOPLEVEL-COMMAND enhancement trivial other
#510 Extend select-current-sexpr to other kinds of brackets enhancement minor IDE
#695 FILE-POSITION support incomplete for STRING-STREAMs defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#640 FINALIZE-INHERITANCE not being invoked in REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE for finalized classes defect normal other
#965 Feature request: Editor enhancement enhancement normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#561 Feature request: allow control of the amount of context when long strings are printed enhancement trivial other
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